Saturday, July 17, 2010

LAST Email... Bittersweet!

well lets see, to work extra hard this last week will be hard casue i only have 2 dsays left to work, tonight the ward is dong a farewell party for me, then i will do a division in the ward rio branco to say bye to ppl fromt here, then friday ill say bye to ppl here and sat airplane to manaus, sunday grande circular to say bye to ppl there and then mon morning intervista, afternoon free time, night dinner at pres, tues morning airplane home.
crazy crazy. haha. so last night was the coolest thing ever, a perfect way to finish my mission. i did a division in the ward aquiry that i passed in last year and a family i taught last year i visited and some of the members had been baptized after i left but not all.
well long story short i got to baptize a girl from the family that i taught last year, it was amazingly awesome.
so FYI i will land at 12:28 in the airport ok!!! and do you know if beau will be there? and a ? for you, would it be ok if i hugged jatauna in the airport? im like a little boy all nervous haha. its weird cause i've avoided girls for two years and now to think about it im like freaking myself out haha. but ya, just some mom's advice would help:)
i will put out my hamock and sleep ahhhhh when i get home! not sure about air conditioners! g2g love ya! see ya soon

Friday, June 11, 2010

Eating Monkey?

Well this week was way way busy. lets see....
on thursday we received a phone call from the assistants telling us that an area would open here in our zone and that it would be for sisters so we needed to find a safe house for them to live and needed to get to know members and etc.. in their area. so that is about all we did since last week. we found a house and had to do the contract of it and had to put furniture in their house and go to stores to see who would give us the best price on other appliances that they needed and so on. it was a way busy week.
its been hard to keep up in our area haha. but finally transfers finished and the sistes are here and looks like all is well. haha. um i ended up staying with my comp here so he will kill me and i will finish my mission in acre. im happy cause i wanted to finish here.
there is a member in the area rio branco. that is making lots of candy with local fruits and stuff, she said i have to take it home for you to eat haha. she is soo cool. she is making lots of stuff for me to take home for you to eat and experiment haha. she is sooo cool. when we come back i will take you to her house. she wants to meet you.
speaking of this, when are we going to come back? do you have an idea yet? so this week we had a FHE and the message was cool. we were talking about how the homecoming would be when we go back to heaven. and how we would be so happy that we made it and that we did the right choices here on earth and stuff. and then i was thinking how excited i am for the encounter with my family next month and how its only been for two years. it will be an amazing thing to re encounter with God of this life.
also another thing, this week i ate something way crazy cool. haha. it was like was a monkey. it was weird to think i was eating a little monkey haha. but ya, im still alive so no worries.
Oh could you tell Amanda and Grandma happy Bday for me. well ya this was pretty much my week. Love you
Elder Stanger

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

boy oh boy, do I love acre!

how goes it? any news on the baby?
well this week was cool and passed super fast again haha. when we were in porto velho we saw a new ferrari. it was way nice haha. i was like there is no way im in porto velho and seeing this. the translation of porto velho in english is, old door. i was amazed to see that car haha.
about the trip! my comp ended up taking a 8 hour bus ride to porto velho cause another elder in the zone didn't have a ticket for the plane cause the secretary forgot to buy it cause he was new haha. so ya, my comp ended up getting bus with him. we had the conf and all, it was good, but on the way back they had forgotten to buy my comps plane ticket so he had to get bus on the way back also. poor kid!
but ya, um sunday we had a baptism. it was way good. her name is daniela. she has such a strong testimony. like she goes around telling everyone that the church is true. one of her neighbors was talking to her about her baptism and she was saying how amazing it was then the neighbor was like o ya i will be baptised in my chruch this week also. and she was like really, that is sad casue you will just go swimming cause your chruch doesnt have authority. i was like oh no. it is funny.
its her mom who is "in love" with me. so sunday was totally weird cause she just sat at chruch allllll day crying cause she can't have me. but then monday we talked to her and she understands now. she said she is always dreaming with me but she knows it is satan putting the thoughts in her mind cause she knows she cant have me. im always talking about how i have a girlfreind and how she is waiting for me. like in the movie "the other side of heaven" the girl totally offers herself to the elder and he explains how he has someone waiting for him, we had her watch the movie and i kinda pulled the same lines.
but we marked her baptism for sunday now and she wants me to baptise her. this could be weird. but ya, we are also teaching a cool fam that was referals from daniela and her mom and we marked their date for the 6th of june. their names are antonio, francisca, and bahiano.
this sunday will be stake conf so im excited to see members from the other wards i worked in last year. i got to go to the ward rio branco and do baptismal interviews for them and while i was there the ward was doing an activity so we went, it was sooo cool to see ppl i taught, families and etc.. that were and are still active at the activity. it was fun!!! i talked to the members and my RC and everything. it was sweet.
boy o boy do i love acre! i love it. i will really miss it after the mission.
last night we did a FHE and we asked the members to talk about how they met the elders and if they could say something to the elder that taught them now what would it be. and wow, it touched me to think how much we can touch the lives of ppl. i thought back to the ppl that i taught and thought how much i mean to them. because of me they were able to receive the key to the celestial door. it was humbling to see how little i recognize the Lord using me to bring salvation unto his children. im like his biggest tool in fulfilling his work and glory. well i love you family. i hope all is well. i only have 8 more pdays after this one. weird huh. well love you.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

well first off, this week was good. we got to talk on sunday which was wonderful. :) um, we have co0l investigators that we are teaching and one will be baptised on sunday.
today for pday we visited some museums here in rio branco, we visited a museum of rubber, this place was like a HUGE distributor a few yearsago.
tomorrow we will be getting a flight to porto velho for a conf with a 70. we will get back on sat to do all the baptism interviews for sunday. it will be a pretty busy next few days.
the lady that will be baptised on sunday is daniela. she is soo cool. her mom is starting to like the lessons and stuff also. she wants to get married and she wants a guy from a diff place and how he needs to be "of God". something i realized is that i have 10 weeks left from yesterday. yup, its on two hands now. crazy crazy

Friday, April 23, 2010


BBQ Big Hill
Chastity Dream! Cool Bridge
Wierd! Happy :-)
hmmmm Member's Yard
Service Project!
SunSet Star Fruit
Preparing for Elder Holland Smashed!
Sleep Floating!

Elder Holland!

we just got done with a conf with elder holland. it was soo amazing, mother. he talked about how our callings as missionanries are the same as his calling as an apostle to teach and testify of the restaratino of the gospel he was he is and Apostle with a An and we are apostles with an E haha. it was funny. he talked about how important our missions are in the lives of ppl and how we are participating in the lord work and glory (moses 1:39) and how in his words "we (as the curch) are trusting the lords largest work in your hands" he was funny also saying how the lord is saving the world with us 19 yr olds and how no other program would do that in the world. he was like get a 19yr old from rigby idaho send him to manaus to save the world when he wasn't even able to save rigby haha. it was funny. he bore very strong testimony and of course i got to shake his hand.
there was also a presiding bishopric with him and elder godoy of the 70. it was awesome. elder holland asked me where i was from and i said idaho and he was like ya, what city i told him and he was like there are lots of ppl here from idaho and bishop edgley (spelling?) was like hey im from idaho. so i asked what city and he said preston, i was like o im from twin and he said the second best little city in idaho alem preston haha. it was fun. also come to find out elder holland is a family friend of orr so were all walking through shakin his hand and all and orr gets there and he pulls a sack out with a camera and letters and was like hey your mom wanted me to give you this and say happy bday and also she said to give you this and then he gave him a hug. i was like wow haha. it was cool. i love elder holland he is my fav apostle. like his talks are soo powerful and spiritual. like i was just in love with the talks haha. there was like a funny/sad part cause there were a couple of misionaries messing around when he was talking about the importance of obedience and how everything we do deals with obedence and how the first thing we do in the temple is promise to obey and so on but these elders were whispering and he totally called them out. and said stay with me elders. at the end he apoligized for doing it and being so bold with us. he was pretty strong speaking. it was awesome. he talked about lots of cool stuff. it was just amazing. i just wish you could have been there cause i cant really talk about how amazing it was!!! other stuff this week was something cool in alma i was studing. and in alma 9 15-17 and 30 i really enjoyed. like how the ppl are brazilians and how were brothers and for this we need to love them. like its soo cool. ya also on the sadder side of things, a person we taught for the first time the other day we marked to go back and come to find out she didnt like it to much and burnt the bom. oooopsi for her haha. also i renewed my visa finaly it was expired for about 7 months haha. :S all is good now though finally. um ya it was a good week. the best was elder holland. like it was truly amazing. o we also got the whole fam of iace to go to chruch. the lady who is sick. she is doing good. i pray she continues. um i will find out about transfers sat and so next week it will all be decided.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Testimony Strenghtened

i loved Elder Holland's talk along with lots of other talks. it was all for parenting and stuff almost. it was amazing. haha. so this week was cool i guess. we are preparing a lady for baptism. well 2 but one is an amazing story. her name is Fatima. she is the grandma of a recent convert. she is old haha. but i love her and because of her i was able to have such a spirital experience and gain a way stronger testimony. we have been teaching her and she said she prayed and wanted to be baptised. so one of the lesssons we decided ot mark during the interval of the conferences. so we went and started teaching her and she said she wanted to tell us an experience she had. but before all this happened i was watching conf and had the biggest feeling to ask her if her husbands temple work had been done. but then i was like, weird. cause i hadnt even known her husband had died. then we started teacing and she was like can i tell you a story of my answer? and we said of course. she started of saying how her husband had died 4 years ago and how she has never dreamed with him since then and the night she prayed about the BOM she couldnt sleep cause every time she would go to sleep her husband would visit her and he was so happy that she was being tought. so that is why she decided to be baptised. i was like wow, he has passed away so i go to ask if his temple work was done and i didnt even get the ? out. i said has her husband and her grandaughter replied yes we have already done his temple work. then we finished teaching and we talked her in to doing the prayer. she is old and simple and didnt know how to pray so her grandaughter helped her. during the prayer i literaly felt the love of the Lord so strongley to see how simple she was but how amazing of an answer she recived and how the Lord loves us soo much. His atonment is for all of us. im soo thankful for that. i know he loves me. i could feel it and i dont have a doubt in my mind or heart about it now. a simple act of her praying about a book will help her to have an eternal family now. and all this amazing love of God for a person so simple. she doesnt have a car or a nice house or nothing but she is amazing.
i am soo excited for elder holland to come to visit us. we are trying way hard to find familys of investigators as of less active to take.
o so this last two days me and orr did divisions. it was sooo fun to spend so much time with him. way trunky haha. just talking about good old memories and palns for after the mish haha. we will do some fun stuf. haha. it is gong pretty well though. could you tell alexa happy bday for me. she is 6 now right? so very big haha.
today we played bball for like 4 hours almost in the rain. haha. its raining soo much here latly haha. i guess we are in the rain forest during the rainy season haha.
the other night i was sleeping and i had fallen asleep on my stomach and i woke up to something crawling on my back...i wont tell you the rest of the story though hahha. well i love you mom. the chruch is true. aha.